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ATL(Active Template Library),參照:『維基百科~Active_Template_Library





  • 以下的ATL的檔案,自VS2008起被,MS放到OpenSoure的部份,故不在於VS2008中內建?
詳見:ATL Server Library and Tools
  1. Core ATL Server Framework classes in atlisapi.h, atlstencil.h, atlserr.h
  2. Caching classes in atlcache.h
  3. Cryptography classes in atlcrypt.h
  4. HTML generation on server side and reading on client sides in atlhtml.h
  5. Performance monitoring classes in atlperf.h
  6. Extension management classes in atlextmgmt.h
  7. Server and client side support for SOAP based Web services in atlsharedsvc.h, atlsoap.h
  8. Session-state classes and interfaces in atlsession.h
  9. MIME/SMTP support in atlmime.h and atlsmtpconnection.h
  10. Regular Expression support from atlrx.h
  11. Stream helpers in atlsoap.h and atlhtml.h